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Welcome all fans of The Most Britness Commonwealth Two Nations "Najjaśniejszej Rzeczypospolitej Obojga Narodów" and of course golden XVIIth century on page "Podolskiej Chorągwi Pancernej z leżą w Murafie i Jampolu".

First our member began fencing training at the autumn 2000 and our brothership commenced activity in 2001.Mainly this is small family group.At the spring 2002 join us few peoples.But still our team is smal family group. Our main century is the great XVII but few of us fighting as a wikings or XV knights.Medieval festivals we are visiting as a Family Clan of Gules Arms "Drużyna Rodowa herbu Jelita".

All time we are collecting equpiment and treaning fencing or war arts.Most of equipment have been done by us but not all is possible and from timte to time, we have no choice and we are buying few articles from professional weapons smithses.Basically that work is neverending story.

16 of January 2003 we are members of Unia Janowiecka.During voting by another members we'got all votes!!

Passed March 2003 and a lot of guests visited our page even from 12 countries ,mainly USA and Europe(on the beginning of May 2002 hited us 500 guys!!).This fact made a lot of fan for us.We didn't expect so many visitors on our specific and family will interest anybody.But it doesn't mean that we are closed group.

It is July 2003 and more than 1000 visitors-this is shock.

But... ffrom the middle of July 2003 our page invided many,many Trojans.One day was 26 trials of destroying our page.Probably,because of that appears some problems with links inside of the page and many errors.Frequently directories disappearing even whole page.Meny times we overwrited service.In August it stopped and it looks good for future.

February 2004,just above 2000 visitors from all over the Europe,Usa and 15 from Australia!Every week almost 50 hits :-))

2005 due to moving to new home we've visited only Vivat Vasa and Swedish in Warsaw -XVIIc.festivals.Vivat Vasa charge of hussars and pancerni was impressive.with help of 3 groups Czech musketeers was a lot of fan.

Until April 2006 we've got more than 6 thousand hits from 39 countries,daily abt 4 hits.




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