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We are gradually collecting materials for that library.A lot of staff you can find in the net and we are trying to omit that files.Plan is only rare or completely new informations will be published.

Polish Nobility and Its Heraldry: An Introduction in history of Polish Nobility, Its Origins, Prerogatives and Structure by Piotr Pawel Bajer.A lot of informations about for foreigners also.

Here is candy,first time in local radio wywiad (file 4.31 Mb mp3) for Radio Gdańsk.

This is our third time in media after Grunwald battle (by the cannon in polish artillery) 2003(in TVP1),and meeting in Ostroda with meteo guy from TVN mr.Zubilewicz.

Selected fragments from diary of Opisu obyczajów ks.Kitowicza.That is not all book but choice was ours:-)

Dictionary of military terms and equipnent oraz old Polish and Latins sentences and latins dictionaryWord file big but unnown author(somewhere from the net ;-) .

Text unnown song about famous Polish king and worrior Stefanie Batorym /we are HARDLY looking for melody of that old song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something about Polish nobiles ,history and their country,goverment e.t.c. szlachta polska.Word file. (177kB).-Sorry but text has been removed acc. to author Mr.Przemysław Karwowski's order.It's pity,that money reducing point of viev for somebody.

History of the Goth's,ours ancestors in "THE ORIGIN AND DEEDS OF THE GOTHS" (199kB)written by Jordanes-descendant of Goth's and translated by Charles C. Mierow.

Also selected fragments from "Ermanaric saga" is on stock(12kB).

Songs texts of Jacek Kaczmarski:

About medieval costiums .(*.pdf about 9MB) Medieval costiume in England and France.

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