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We are hardly traying to rebuild formation Pancerni Comrades from the beginning of victorious XVII th century,when Commonwealth of Both Nations(Polish and Lituanian)was really powerfull.How it will go,just wait.Collecting the equipment,fencing by sables,throwing axes,shuting by bows and horseback riding this is our priority.Still we do not have own horsea but... All members living in Gdańsk area.We are visiting Dark Age and Medieval festivals in Poland because quantity of XVII th century festivals is still really small.But XVII th century is the most important for us.

Grupka szlachty Polskiej

We are not looking so beautifully like that,but we are trying to do this.Who knows what will be in the future.

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Above Arms of Podole Province,lost homeland of our ancestors from XVII th century and previous coming from Medieval.

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