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We will publish here some "kitchen recipies" about, how to make .... .Slowly getting experience in different works. In the mean time we are publishing our own remarks about works passed by our team(another info you can easily find in the NET. Lamellar armours are available to order and can be delivered to WOLIN festival.

1.How to take meassurements of your feet ( file 45.5kB)and to make medieval shoes .We did already 6 pairs of turnshoes (made on the the last) and both look fantastic.Almost all medieval shoes,which are in offers are glued (not stiched) to the sole and not properly reverted.Also we made 3 pairs of shoes sewed on "right side" without the last.That experience was very,very painfull on the beginning. Special thanks for Marc-Carlson. He published an Bible for shoemakers.Now i need 2 hours to make nice and extremely light shoe (without time for soaking in the water or reverting shoe). First pair of shoes was almost destroyed during production.The most critical operation is reverting shoe.Difficult is also proper stich(you need to know 2 or 3 kinds of stiches). First shoe I was reverting and reverting more than 2 hours(bloody nooses) . During production of lasts I forgot that left shoe coming to RIGHT after reverting. Some peoples have left foot different than right(contusions etc.).Also our last story with not turnshoe from 2005Short fotogallery.

2.We are slowly trying to reconstruct equipment.First was scramasaxes-3 pcs,axes 2pcs and 2 swords. One sword it is wish to reconstruction the viking sword from Haithabu IX-th century(typical for Jutland).Second one it is just XV-th century,basically nothing originally,just sword.

 Broniwoj scramasax (called Skrofnung ).

Reconstruction of typical vikings sword from IX th Century

Medieval sword

3.Below few pouches.Left is vikings and right is medieval.

Vikings pouch.Medieval pouch.

4.We created also lamellar armour typical for heavy armored wikings from 988 Varangian Guard of Bizancjum Cesar - Basil II. These troops wear lamellar armour over the chainmail. Finally they looks like heavy tanks. In plans we have reconstruct this formation as truly as could be possible. That was hells job. Cutting on gilottine steel sheet is not a problem but finishing very,very sharp edges... All lamellars was made by hand(not by plasma torch). Then it was necessary to drill milions holes(in one plate 10 small and one bigger). After thal splicing plates by cows threads was like relax. But it takes still many hours. The clue in this job is to connect plates in rows and connect rows from THE LOWEST up to the top of armour. It makes job more easy. Finally armour contain more than 150 plates(in each one are 11 holes)!!

Varangian GuardExample of lamellar.Our first lamellar armour.

5.Below two knifes"Rondel knife" type.

That belongs to Lady AnnaThat belongs to Marius.

Handles are from nut tree and twisted silver wire.The other materials used are brass.

6.Wendel type helmets:3pcs was made and one without face protections,only with noose and neck.

Last vendelBrown lamellar armour.

7.Gothic glove made by Broniwoj .After season 2003 still looks good, only thumb was replaced. Now fits perfect.

8.Lamellar armour it's allready done.Made from hardened leather and connected together by linen thread(waxed).1400 plates and 11 000 holes that was workfully.Dimentions of the lamellae are 30x40mm.Thickness of the leather is abt.4mm and that's why thickness of the armour is 15mm in the most of the places.Armour is incredibile light,flexible and giving perfect protection against hits and pushes (tested with two handed spear pushed very strong) with proper padding.Ready are next 700 lamellae for another armour(dimentions are 40x80mm with 8 holes).Just to be hardened.We discovered that leather armours are very LIGHT,STRONG and RUSTPROOF (LSR)

9.Usefull convertion table from inches,gauge,sq.foot to common (mertic units).

10.Small axe from "kuźnia Świętymira" but we are decorated it by Raven pattern.


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